A Very Special Christmas Vlog

In this very special episode we compare our holiday traditions in the UK & USA to what we have learned about German traditions.

Episode 1 is live!

We said we would do it, here it finally. Our first episode. In this episode, we discuss our first impressions of Germany as an American and a Kiwi- Brit and why we actually decided to record these conversations. This includes culture shock, Germany’s actual size, and German stereotypes. Do you have questions for us orContinue reading “Episode 1 is live!”

What in the world are we doing?!

When friends Michelle, from the UK and Christina, from the USA, would find the time to get together, amid parenting, work, and relationship responsibilities in their adopted shared home in the heart of Europe, the hours would easily go by and each would leave more energised and emboldened than before.

After multiple years of this, amid a global pandemic, we decided to begin recording our conversations, thus MC Culture Consult was born.