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British & American Stereotypes

What are some of the stereotypes you are familiar with about American or British culture? In this episode/post that is exactly what we discuss.

‘Silvester’ in Germany

How do you spend your New Year’s Eve where you live? Michelle and I have lived in Germany for many, many years now and this time of year is celebrated very differently than how we used to celebrate it before we moved here. So, what is so different about celebrating Silvester (New Year’s Eve) in…

Two episodes in…

this second episode, we discuss the (inter)cultural theory of the coconut & the peach, living in Europe, education, and parenting.

About Us

Hi, we’re Michelle & Christina, We are expat professionals living in Germany, who also happen to be mums. We love exploring around our adopted home and learning new things about ourselves, life, culture, and intercultural communication!

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