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Operations Risk & Business Manager

New Zealand born, London UK raised, Mediterranean/Kiwi, living in Germany work in Luxemburg (the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – Lëtzebuerg – Grand-Duché de Luxembourg – Großherzogtum). Loves developing connected relationships with people from around the planet. Imparts positivity, personal growth & colour on the world. Worked in diverse industry backgrounds inc Finance, Education, IT, Property, Sales & personally guided individuals towards next steps & opportunities in life & career. Involved & interested in Personal Development, Coaching, Team-building, Travel, Culture, Self-development, English language, Sales & Marketing and more.

What Do I Do?
  • Spread color and positivity
  • Help others be their best selves
  • Be mum and work
  • Keep learning
  • Play with crystals
  • Teach and coach


English language teacher and intercultural trainer/coach

Christina loves to learn for the sake of learning. She also loves exploring, experimenting, and creating. Although what that has meant over time has changed. She credits this from growing up in the northwest United States, surrounded by the Oregon outdoors and always quirky art and music scene in Portland Oregon.

Christina moved to Germany in late 2009, after completing her master of education degree, for what was supposed to be a year-long adventure in teaching and travelling. Now, many years later she is still enjoying teaching and travelling in the heart of Europe.

Always feeling more comfortable with local, northwestern, state, or even city pride over full-fledged external exhibits of American pride. Her intercultural journey may have started late in the last century, however, it didn’t fully take off until she was set to teach American Cultural Studies in Germany when she really had to examine her fishbowl for what it really was and the process has only grown since.

What do I do?
  • English language teacher
  • intercultural coach
  • freelance writer & blogger
  • growth monster
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