Two episodes in…

Here we are two episodes in.

In this second episode, we discuss the (inter)cultural theory of the coconut & the peach, living in Europe, education, and parenting.

Have you heard of the coconut and the peach? In this episode, we talk about how it applies to Germans and Americans but it is bigger than that. It is based on the idea that cultures, in general, have different ways of communicating, in ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ ways. That is not to say one is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other, more so that they are just different.

Helpful, right?

Well, the reality is that the ‘soft’ communication cultures are possibly perceived as more open or friendly to those that they don’t know, like strangers or tourists. The difficulty or complaint often heard about this cultural type is that they are actually rather difficult to truly get to know after one or more friendly initial encounters. The worst-case complaint is that this cultural type is fake, superficial, and hypocritical.

‘Hard’ communication cultures, on the other hand, keep more to themselves and those whom they feel are familiar. These folks are often known for not smiling at strangers or engaging in small talk. Additionally, they keep their personal information and often their feelings close to their chest (to themselves). The worst-case complaint about this lot is that they are cold, uncaring, hostile, indifferent, or even reclusive. The reality is though that if you are able to break through this ‘shell’ or ‘casing’ – you’re in like Flynn (or have achieved friendship success).

We will speak more about this again soon. Stay tuned!

Episode two of MC Culture Consult conversations, in full

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